News 2011

Whiter than ever before

In those days our company induct to sale new product FARMAL PLUS, which will be added to the family of white paints for walls. Paints FARMAL PLUS is a modern, environmentally friendly, waterborne paints designed for painting interior walls, plasters, dry masonry, plasterboard,spraying substrates,...


Improves formulation of the original FARMAL ensures increase of comfort in application and improves the utility propertis of coating. The final coat is characterized by high whiteness ( cca 87% BaSO4), excellent covering power, optimal vapor permeability and good abrasion resistance in dry conditions. If is necesssary, can be tinted with normal tinting pastes and paints.


New recipe against the rust

In these days comes to the shops proven but improved recipe against the rust. Ferro Color is new alkyd urethane synthetic paint with anti-corrosion protection, which is used for metal surfaces – steel, iron, aluminum, zinc-oxidized material and as a base and top coat in one (2 in 1 ).


The final coating protects the surface against corrosion, is flexible and is resistant to adverse weather conditions. New resin used in the product Ferro Color provides over conventional synthetic resins higher hardness and long-term stability of the gloss and also shade for exposed areas.


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