News 2011

New recipe against the rust

In these days comes to the shops proven but improved recipe against the rust. Ferro Color is new alkyd urethane synthetic paint with anti-corrosion protection, which is used for metal surfaces – steel, iron, aluminum, zinc-oxidized material and as a base and top coat in one (2 in 1 ).


The final coating protects the surface against corrosion, is flexible and is resistant to adverse weather conditions. New resin used in the product Ferro Color provides over conventional synthetic resins higher hardness and long-term stability of the gloss and also shade for exposed areas.


Paint with anticorrosion protection Ferro Color is available in these shades: white, grey, gray, black, brown, dark brown, dark blue, light green, dark green, yellow, ivory, bright red, reddish brown, silver.
Packages: 0,35; 0,75 a 2,5 l.


ferro U2066 vzorkovnica

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