News 2012

Innovations of product line Ekokryl

With the arrival of autumn, we have prepared several changes in a line of water-base products Ekokryl.Top acrylic paint for wood and metal –Ekokryl matt and glossy is preserved, but we have added to it anti corrosion coating for metal Ekokryl base as a novelty.


Ekokryl base paint is acrylic matt paint with anticorrosion protection. It is used for steel, cast iron, aluminum and zinc oxide surfaces in interior and exterior. The paint dries quickly, protects against rust and ensures the correct adhesion of the topcoat.



  • intensive protection against metal corrosion
  • excellent adhesion
  • fast drying
  • ensures a perfect contact of top coat with basis
  • ecological product


As a base coat under water-based top coat on objects such as gates, fences, railings, metal construction, metal roof...


Orientation spreading rate: cca 8 – 10 m2/l
Gloss: matt
Drying: on touch 2 h, recoating 4 - 6 h
Thinner: water
Shades: white, grey, black, russet

Another innovation is the redesign of the product line Ekokryl. Gradually are appeared various shades in attractive and practical modern plastic packaging. Is easily opens and closes and perfectly fits in your hand. And to make it easier with choosing the right shade thanks to the transparent package we can easily find one that satisfies to you.


Actual shades and information about individual products we can find in the attached prospect, at the sales points Chemolak and in business partners in the whole territory of Slovak Republic.

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