Certificates and Awards

ocenenie za akost 22013 Superbrands

The best brands of Slovak companies


2009 National award of productivity

Award of the Ministry of Economy a SLCP


2006 Gold medal Slovak Gold

Chemolux S-Klasik, S-Extra, Chemolux biocide impregnant /protective and decorative stain on wood/


2004 Gold medal Slovak Gold

Betona® /paint for concrete surfaces/


2004 Honourable mention CONECO INCHEBA;

Chemokryt® /paint of asphalt – cement roofing materials/


2003 Honourable mention CONECO INCHEBA   

Izona® /paints for contaminated interiors/


2003 Environmentally friendly product  

Ekokryl glossy V 2062 / Ekokryl matt V 2045


2003 Gold medal Slovak commercial and indusrial chamber

For exceptional contributions to the development of slovak and foreign trade and business


2002 Golden plaque CONECO INCHEBA      

Neodur 1 SCH® /Monolayer anticorrosion waterbased paint/


2000 Award the Minister of Environment           

For the benefit of environmental care


1999 Golden plaque CONECO INCHEBA      

Fancolor® /decorative paint for interior/


1998 The blue planet INCHEBA       

coating system EPONAL


1997 Slovak Gold

PRANAL /powder coating material/


1996 Gold incheba INCHEBA          

Chemodur® P, Chemodur® G /polyurethane primer system/


1995 Award Slovak Republic for quality  


1988 Honourable mention CONECO INCHEBA

Plitex® /solvent-borne paint for facades/

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