Product range

Production program


       A, ALKYD

       B, ACRYL





Types of coatings (according to the composition))

  • nitrocellulose
  • alkyd
  • epoxy
  • acrylic
  • oil
  • polyurethane
  • waterborne

Types of coatings (according to using)



  • One-component and two-component primers
  • Synthetic anti-corrosive primers for pneumatic spraying and high-pressure spraying
  • Fast drying synthetic primers
  • Penetrating primers for steel, zinc and aluminum substrate
  • Dispersed anti-corrosive waterborne primers
  • Two-component epoxy primer (with zinc dust, with ferric mica)
  • One and two-component polyurethane primers (zinc phosphate, respective with zinc dust)

Top coat

  • One-component synthetic enamels glossy and mat
  • Dispersed acrylic paint mat and glossy
  • Two-component epoxy enamel glossy and semi-glossy
  • Two-component epoxy enamel with ferric mica mat (interlayer to intensive corrosion environment)
  • One and two-component polyurethane enamel (glossy, with reduced gloss, with plastic efect)

Single layered

  • Single layered anti-corrosion paint for steel structures mat and glossy (alkyd urethane, polyurethane and waterborne)

Special coating

  • Fire protection coating system for metal and wood
  • Hydroinsulative coating for flat roofs
  • Silicone paint resistant to temperatures up to 500°C
  • Paint for road markings
  • Paint for concrete roofage and noise barriers

Paint used in the building industry

  • Impregnants and penetration for wood, concrete and mineral surfaces
  • Interior paint colors
  • Exterior facade colors
  • One and two-component paint for concrete surfaces (alkyd-urethane,acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy)
  • Varnish for wood, thick or thin layered (synthetic and waterborne)
  • Lacquers for wood one and two-component glossy and mat (for interior and exterior)

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